We Cheap Now: Go Go Rescue Squad, Baseball Slugger, Magnificent Gizmos, Ferrari GT: Evolution, Isotope: A Space Shooter, The Price is Right & More!

In the past 7 days numerous apps have gone on sale. We have picked quite a few apps to get you started for the weekend! Many are $0.99 for a limited time and some a little more. Grab them while you can!

Go Go Rescue Squad:

Join the Squad and rescue the hapless Darwins from fire-ravaged
buildings. Bravely throw them to the exits avoiding fire, exploding
chemicals, killer robots and collapsing buildings. With 64 incendiary
levels of unique, laugh out loud, gameplay over six different
districts, Go! Go! Rescue Squad! will have you hooked for hours.

[$0.99 – iTunes link]

Baseball Slugger: Today is the last day it’s on sale!


[$0.99 – iTunes link]

Magnificent Gizmos:

Magnificent Gizmos & Gadgets is a physics-based puzzle game that
takes players into a world where anything is possible! Build catapults,
automated vehicles, and even create ball busting battering rams as you
traverse the tricky terrain and navigate through wild obstacles.

[$0.99 – iTunes link]

Ferrari GT: Evolution:

Join the elite circle of Ferrari car owners and take part in exclusive
races around the globe in the truest and most immersive racing
simulation on iPhone.

[$0.99 – iTunes link]

Isotope: A Space Shooter:

Isotope is a retro arena shooter with RPG elements that add strategy
and depth to the game. We have spent a lot of time making sure that
Isotope is one of the most intense games on the iphone. Isotope
maintains a steady 30 frames per second with hundreds of enemies,
bullets and effects on screen. If you enjoy shooters like Geometry Wars
or Robotron, check out Isotope!

[$0.99 – iTunes link]

The Price is Right:

Feel the thrill of being called to “COME ON DOWN!” to participate in
Contestant’s Row. Play 16 different pricing games, including Plinko,
Cliff Hangers, Punch-A-Bunch, and more. Spin the Big Wheel for the
chance at fabulous prizes and a huge pay-off at the Showcase Showdown!

[$0.99 – iTunes link]


The ultimate cartoon flyer exclusively designed for iPhone and iPod
touch. Speed your way through thrilling, hand-drawn levels and multiple
environments. Choose the Arcade game mode and fly through five
different planets with 25 carefully built levels featuring hundreds of
crisp, painstakingly drawn obstacles.

[$0.99 – iTunes link]

Other Apps On Sale Over $0.99

Star Hogs: The has been very popular recently in the app store with its multi-player feature!

Rig up your hogs, strap yourself in, and head out into orbit for the
fiercest turn-based battles this side of Uranus. Obliterate the
competition with a Cruise Missile or close in for some potshots from
your Vulcan gun. Not your style? Don’t worry, you’ve got more than 20
ways to destroy the opposition.

[$2.99 – iTunes link]

T*Premium (15 Apps in 1):

T*Premium is a huge set of utility applications which has 15 apps including,
> Clinometer
> Currency Converter
> Date Calculator
> Days Until(Countdown)
> Flashlight
> Holidays
> Loan Calculator
> Periodic Calculator
> Price Grab
> Random
> Sale Price
> System Info
> Tip Calculator
> Unit Converter
> Web Apps Links

[$1.99 – iTunes link]

UniWar: An online multiplayer turn-based strategy game

UniWar™ is the online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for the iPhone.
take turns building their army and fighting against each other using
the strengths of their units while taking advantage of the terrain. It
is like chess or checkers but with a lot more possibilities and
different boards.

[$2.99 – iTunes link]

HydroTilt XL:

HydroTilt XL is all about precision, timing and control! Guide a bead
of water over ramps, moving platforms and through brightly colored and
challenging environments, all in an attempt to reach the finish line
and score the best time. Players can alter their water droplet from a
liquid state, to a solid state (ice) and even a gas state (water
vapor). Using these different forms, the player solves a variety of
puzzles, activates mechanical devices and safely navigates across a
variety of suspended platforms to complete each level.

[$1.99 – iTunes link]

Author: Matt Sawyers

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